I missed my flight!!

”Romi, what the heck happened? Do you know you slept in and missed your flight?” said my little sister when I picked up my friend Dominic’s phone. My brain froze. Those two lines just seconds after I opened my eyes were too complex to process but the moment I realised how bright the room is with the day light I knew I fucked up badly! No. No. NO.Nooooo! Have I slept in for my own round the world adventure? I did!! Great first entry to my future travelling blog the very sarcastic little hangover me thought. (Well, to be honest  the one I am writing and you are reading right now so I was right.)

I have just missed the most important flight of my life. 

My phone ran out of battery and when plugged in it kept ringing. My dad. No point to pick up at this point as the news was already delivered and within 5 min I was ready to get to the airport and see what can be done as I sure as hell did not want to miss my flight and thus be stuck in below zero cold Prague in my summer clothes. My host and friend in Prague, Dominic, was in shock at first too but neither of us had the energy to panic. Taxi was down in 2min and off I went to the airport. In the taxi I realised my phone had like a gazillion missed calls and even more messages from a suprisingly large number of countries. On that one later but the main ones were: I will kill you when I see you. Or Are you bloody kidding me, where are you? I left my pal Mica, who decided to travel with me for couple of weeks, to fly on the other side of the world all alone. It was her first time and especially after me telling her the night before that I  would never ever do such thing and I WILL see her at the airport at 5am…I let her down. But brave as she is,she boarded that flight and I called her two hours later when she landed in Amsterdam to catch our/her
connecting flight to Bangkok.


After a very cold and not cheap ride to the airport and my very unorganised inquiry about any option to get to  Amsterdam on next flight which basically went like this:

CONCIERGE: Who do you fly with?
ME: Uh?
CONCIERGE: Who is your flight provider?
ME: My friend searched it for me. I just transferred the money. So…
CONCIERGE: OK. Where did you do your online check in?
ME: Hm….my other friend, the one that didn’t miss her flight did it. So….       CONCIERGE: I can’t help you unless you give me some flight details. Can you find the confirmation email?
ME: (In my head….there is about 210 unread emails and about 360 unsorted emails, I flew 5 times in last 4months…how would I find….)…No, I don’t think so but I know the flight left at 6:15am.
CONCIERGE: Ok. I found your details. Miss Adamcikova  the point is that your  carrier has a XYZ policy in place that if you miss your first flight your connecting flight can’t be board.
ME: Oh…. (tears). I need coffee. Thank you.

I ended up sat down at the Airport in the departure hall, my backpack next to  me, coffee in hand staring blankly in to space. I picked my phone still with gazillion unread messages. Last name said Sabina. Voice message said: “You stupid idiot!” Oh well. I had to do what I had to do. I had everything planned and moreover I really need to leave. New flight was bought for the next morning.  Mica hold on there brave! Bangkok I am still coming.

Hi, my name is Romana, but if you read more of my blog you will find that
everyone everywhere calls me Romi. I am Czech, 30 to be, former economist who quit my job in bonny Scotland to travel the world. And you just read a story about how it all started.


PS: And how did Mica managed to get hold of me not knowing where and with whom I
stayed in Prague when my phone died? She contacted our common friend from back in Scotland at 4am to ask if she has any contact details for my family. She didn’t have. But she met my other pal Sabina a year ago, who she then texted if she knew where I am. Sabina was in Spain, on romantic long weekend and after late night out. She didn’t know where I was but she knew my sister’s number which she then texted. My sister knew where ai was but didn’t know who I was staying with but she had a message from Dominic’s phone from me. And she finally managed to wake me up. Moral of the story? Charge when you drink.






Good bye Singapore. Hello Indonesia.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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Alone in the city.